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Flavour from Fulda

Our philosophy makes us produce all our goods with best flavours, no matter if you chose our bake-off assortment, home-baking packages for your family or our classic toast loaf.

Our Know-how guarantees our customers in retail as well as specialist shops a high quality product of a very tasty flavour; as we know when to decide for applying traditional craftsmanship or efficiency!


Our Mill

Our organic mill, the "Sauer Mühle", guarantees a maximum of transparency and control of all organic ingredience.

During a traditional process, in the watermill near Bamberg, the raw material is gently ground – the fundament for optimized baking values – all without damaging the farina of the flour.

Besides meeting EU-quality standard with our flour, we produce flour that meets all organic requirements for 'Naturland' and 'demeter'.

All in all, including the long-term business relationship we have with our organic farmers, producer- and organic associations; sustainability, the utmost value and quality of all of our organic ingredience remains ensured, also for the future.

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What we're proud of

While implementing lower amounts of flour for the ingredience and providing a longer maturing time the results are optimized; therefore achieving supreme bake-off products, furbishing a unique taste!

100% organic ingredients – all without any additives, but with flour from our own mill!

A total of 24 hrs. maturing time for the dough provides a crispy crust, a superb taste and long-lasting freshness

Baked in a stone oven providing you with a crispy-crunch bottom crust on the loaf

Inspired by the heritage of baking tradition, refined by state-of-art technology

Transparency and quality-control from the field clear to the retail consumer – our way to establish trust from the very beginning on.

Vertical integration by our own mill up to the agriculture

Best certifications for organic produce according to the EU organic regulation

Bulk-production due to state-of-art technology and most effective production processes!

High flexibility and low waste by virtue of rapid and simple bake-off production; just in time and directly at your shop!

Product Range

All BIO BREADNESS-products are given time to mature (24hrs), are produced according to EU-Bio-Quality-standards and thus achieve a superb taste. Chose from our assortment:

  • Bio bake-off products
  • Bio home-packaging products protected by controlled atmosphere packaging or deep frozen
  • Bio Toast loafs

Besides our affiliated brand “SlooOW” and “gutes gut gebacken, we produce your goods upon your request with your customized brand name as well- hence also for each customer active on the food market.

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Meet our brands

Our SlooOW-products are provided in organic home-packaging bags, sealed in controlled atmosphere packaging and also are available as organic deep frozen products. Due to the long maturing of our doughs and the baking in the stone oven, the bread crusts turn out crispy and crunchy in the “bake-up” at your customers´ home! Visit SlooOW

gutes gut gebacken titles the production of our classic toast loaf. Besides this, we also bake spelt toast loafs with 100% pure spelt flour as well as modern, sandwich-sized toast – all giving you a soft bread crumb of supreme quality.

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